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Is It Over For Food Trucks?

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The End For Food Trucks? Food trucks are one of those trends that may be overblown, but are still pretty awesome. Food trucks are usually really unique, offering specialty food items we may not have seen before or may not get very often. They can give cooks and food

Want to make it in the music industry?

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Make It In the Music Industry! It’s the crazy world of 2014 and the music industry has changed more than ever.  Not only is the music evolving and completely different than ever before but the underlying business has also changed dramatically.  The market is opening up tremendously in it’s

Oculus and Facebook Bring Virtual Reality To Life

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Oculus and Facebook Bring Virtual Reality To Life When Facebook purchased Oculus VR for $2 billion, both companies stayed fairly tight-lipped about their goals. The money would help Oculus build virtual reality headsets cheaper and better, while Facebook would have a chance to lead the next big computing platform. However, Oculus CEO Brendan

Line Has Over 300 Million Users, the Next WhatsApp?

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The new kid on the block, Line has been blowing up the international marketplace recently boasting over 300 million users.  Line got its start in Japan and has spread like wildfire across many parts of asia such as Thailand, Taiwan, and Indonesia.  The company has indicated that it will

Sam Smith Set To Take Over The World!

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  If you haven’t heard about Sam Smith, it’s about time!  The General Truth thinks Sam is one of the most vibrant and powerful singers to come into the music industry in quite some time.  With an amazingly powerful and versatile voice, he will have you following along with

World’s Smallest 3D Printing Pen Lets You Draw in the Air!

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  LIX is a brand new company in the 3D printing space who just launch their Kickstarter campaign and its off to a tremendous start.  The team at LIX are pitching this as a new generation in 3D printing with a design smaller than any other pen on the

Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs Amazing Insight into Life

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Mike Rowe, from the Discovery Channel’s, Dirty Jobs has definitely been through some of the most interesting experiences one can go through in the work force.  All those dirty, disgusting, and crazy experiences have not been in vain!  It’s given him unique insights into human behavior and life as

MIT Develops Counterfeit Detecting Nanocrystals

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Counterfeiting is a booming industry; the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) estimated in 2009 that it generates approximately $250 billion in illegal revenue. What’s more, the industry has expanded rapidly in the last decade to include goods like olive oil and drugs like birth control. As a means of helping

Tails Operating System – The Most Secure Computer You’ll Ever Own

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Tails Operating System is the secure system that protected Edward Snowden. Here’s how it works. From the moment you boot up, your computer leaves footprints. Websites leave tracking cookies, following you from page to page and session to session, alongside the usual traces left by your IP address. Persistent

Love, Life, Letting Go, and Hope!

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One of the employees at The General Truth was kind enough to share this article with our team and we thought it was amazing!  It gives insight into life, love, the constant struggles we encounter when we are forced to let go of those we love, and finally the