Line Has Over 300 Million Users, the Next WhatsApp?

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Line messenger

The new kid on the block, Line has been blowing up the international marketplace recently boasting over 300 million users.  Line got its start in Japan and has spread like wildfire across many parts of asia such as Thailand, Taiwan, and Indonesia.  The company has indicated that it will soon make a big push to the US market where it will be up against WhatsApp, now owned by Facebook.  Other messaging apps have recently made their presence known across the world as well including companies like WeChat and Kik messenger (who boasts over 100 million users).

In recent years, the peer to peer messaging frameworks who rule the market have continued to step up the competition year after year.  Messaging applications have continued to evolve from containing basic message sending capabilities to large scale cloud based frameworks containing support for messaging, gaming, phone calls, picture and video messaging, and more.  As the the mobile market becomes more and more mature we can expect that service quality as well as usage of cutting edge technology will continue to be focus points for these companies.

Regardless of what happens, Line is a company who is on the right track and definitely setting themselves up to be the next WhatsApp.  As their user base grows it becomes more likely each day that a major corporation will come in to make an offer for a buyout.  In the meantime, their focus is on improving the quality of the user experience and constantly innovating as they move forward into the future.

Where will these companies take things next?  What’s your opinion?

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