Love, Life, Letting Go, and Hope!

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Banksy There Is Always Hope


One of the employees at The General Truth was kind enough to share this article with our team and we thought it was amazing!  It gives insight into life, love, the constant struggles we encounter when we are forced to let go of those we love, and finally the force of hope and new beginnings that follows.

What would make you so lucky, as to meet that one special person in the world who you are supposed to be with.  This person could be anyone out there, and sadly so many people never find this person, or even more heartbreaking – they find that person, but let them slip away as their lives fall apart.  What could have led to such a tragedy in life, and this is indeed a great tragedy.  To find the person in life who makes you complete, who you love with all your heart, more than anything in this world, but yet they somehow slide away out of your life.  Was it pride, was it jealousy, was it life that got in the way?  Or was it the space between you and that special person, that angel in your life, that was the deciding factor.  Life is indeed a funny thing, and it always leaves us wondering – if only I had done this or that then maybe things would be different.  Let it go, let it be, the future holds all that you need, all that you will discover, and all that you will be.  But somehow you’re left with an empty feeling inside, that something missing, the sun has faded but I have a light.  That light of hope inside, inside us all, that hope for a new beginning, a new understanding, and a new love shines on brighter as love enters your life and works its magic.  Once you feel that love, its a part of your life forever and always.  To love, to be loved, this is life, life is love.  Holding the person you love with all your heart in your arms is a feeling like no other.  When you no longer have that feeling, where do you turn.  You want someone to be there, you want to hold someone to get that feeling back, but sadly  you realize its of no use, there is only one person who can give you that special feeling inside.  That feeling that no one can do you any harm, that feeling like there’s no other place you’d rather be in the world, that is when you know what you have is right.  That is the magic of love, of life, of being.  When you love someone and you would do anything to keep them near or hold them close, let them know, let them know your love for them is strong and they still hold that same special place in your heart, always and forever.

How do you feel about this article?  Time to go call your significant other and tell them how you feel?  Don’t wait to do things that are important in your life, the time to act is now.