Want to make it in the music industry?

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Make It In the Music Industry!

It’s the crazy world of 2014 and the music industry has changed more than ever.  Not only is the music evolving and completely different than ever before but the underlying business has also changed dramatically.  The market is opening up tremendously in it’s access to mainstream culture and now more than ever people want to be rappers, musicians or music producers.  This is in turn flooding the market with more music than one person could consume in a lifetime.  All this being said, there are a few skills and characteristics that you must sharpen in order to be successful in the music industry.


Consistency is key!  Hard work and sticking with doing what you love is key to getting noticed and once you’re noticed, staying on top.  Put out as much music as you can and continue to stay consistent with your music and work ethic.  Artists have a tendency to want to make the perfect piece of music, but as they say at Facebook, “done is better than perfect.”  Be consistent and wait to take a vacation after you reach your goals.


Momentum, believe it or not is a huge thing.  People tend to forget if you’re not constantly in their face delivering them new entertainment.  That is where the saying “15 minutes of fame” came from.  People gain momentum but have not fully thought out a plan to keep the ball rolling after initial music releases or initial projects are complete.  Before you release your music, have both short term goals as well as long term plans on where you want to take things next.  It’s alright if you don’t know, but find a mentor, someone who has experience and seek out their advice.  This can go a long way and help you network as you move through your career.


This is an interesting one, but definitely the most important career and life lesson.  Learning to adapt in a changing industry can make or break someone.  With new technology, new ways of reaching audiences, and an ever changing music industry, having the ability to adapt and change on the fly is critical to success.  In this technology driven age, the music industry has been warped into an entirely new beast.  Those that have the ability to adapt to our now technology driven society will be the ones who can garner the most success.  Adaptation is the key to success in music and any industry.

If you are able to follow these sets of rules throughout your career you will be on the path to success.  Practice, work ethic, and of course a little bit of talent go a long way!